• Casey Zander

How to get rid of stubborn FAT areas?

Love handles, belly fat, muffin tops, "man boobs" you name it, people want it gone! The truth is that there is no way to spot reduce fat. Target exercises also will not take fat away from certain areas. Training abs will not take any fat off of your stomach. Doing squats everyday will not take fat off of your legs, and bench pressing everyday will not get rid of man boobs.


The fact is that the only way to lose fat in those stubborn areas is to change your diet. The diet needs to force your body into a caloric deficit (burning more calories that you are consuming). This is the only way to lose fat. What you have to remember is that your body will end up pulling fat from everywhere! Not just the places you want it gone.


This includes hands, feet, neck, head, back, and everywhere else. The place you want it gone may be the last to leave! This is why 5 lbs of fat on your stomach may actually be about 15 lbs of scale weight that you need to lose before it is all gone. This applies to every place on your body!

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