• Casey Zander

The most IMPORTANT thing money CAN buy to improve your fitness

A notebook. For just under $1.00 you can completely change your outlook on how you exercise, what your fitness level is at, and come up with a plan to tackle your goals.


You see, when it is on paper it is true. Numbers do not lie. If you track every workout and you can physically see on paper that you are getting stronger you know that your body is changing. You NEED to bring your notebook to the gym every single day that you have a scheduled workout.


If you do not track your lifts and your progress how will you ever know if what you are doing is working? How will you know if you are getting stronger? How will you remember what weight you used the previous week for each exercise?


You won't. This is why all of my clients are required to track each workout. You need to see that you are getting stronger to push for improvement.

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