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How to stay on track with your diet over Thanksgiving

This causes soooo much trouble for most people so I am going to start from the ground up. Thanksgiving can be VERY healthy. Baked turkey, fruits, veggies, potatoes, and corn can all be fit into your daily macros so easily. However, if you are wanting to include the whole plate get up with stuffing, gravy, butter bread, pie, and alcohol... you are going to need a game plan. Here is what you do.


1. Start fasting the night before, no food or beverages that contain calories after 6pm.

2. Fast all morning, no breakfast. By now you should be at least 15+ hours fasted with no food in your system. Keep it going. You are living at this point on fat for fuel because there is no calories present in the blood stream.

3. Only eat 1 meal that day. Your thanksgiving meal should be your only one due to the fact that you will probably hit all of your calories for the whole day in this one meal.

4. Fill up on the healthy stuff first. Turkey and vegetables. This is key because your fat and carbs will still be low so you will not be storing fat.

5. Have a slice of pie and some bread and whatever else you want because this is your only meal that day.


If you stick to all of these rules you will not gain any fat at all!

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