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Rules of LEAN BULKING this winter

The most common thing that I see EVERYONE doing wrong when bulking is they are always looking to get bigger, but never looking at getting stronger. Scale weight does not mean anything if you do not have added muscle to back up the bulk and go along with it! You want to make sure that the weight you are gaining is muscle and not fat. Here are my rules if you are going to allow yourself to bulk.


*1. You must track all of your lifts each workout in a notebook. This is crucial. You need to physically write down and make sure that week to week your are lifting MORE. Muscle gain is a product of strength gains. Lifting more weight that are heavier= more muscle gain. This is called progressive overload lifting.

2. Men, you need to set your protein intake at 1g per lb of bodyweight per day. Women, you need to set your protein intake at .7g per lb of bodyweight.

3. You need to know that 1 lb of muscle is 2500 calories. This means that if you want to gain 1 lb per week, Your calorie surplus needs to be 350 calories per day! This is not a whole lot of extra food.

4. Every calorie needs to be tracked or fat gain will occur. As you can see by the paragraph above, 350 calories extra is not a lot. It is crucial to track your protein carbs and fats.

Attached is my RULES of lean bulking video. Loaded information below.

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