• Casey Zander

Ghrelin- The hunger hormone. Late night snacking.

Ever wonder why you have such intense cravings before bed?! This is due to the hormone secreted in the stomach called ghrelin.


Ghrelin is secreted when no carbohydrates are present, and you will get intense cravings for "dirty" carbs and excess sugar. The brain is a powerful tool and even when you are not necessarily hungry, ghrelin will be secreted making you want the worst of foods. The best way to break this is to set a eating window time.


The goal is to slowly train your brain that anything past a certain time, the body will no longer get calories of any kind. Food or drink! This means that you will have a eating window and a fasting window. This will help control hunger over time so cravings do not occur.


Practice each day. Fit in your late night snack, but fit it in before 7pm. Continue to do that, but over time slowly remove the snack completely. This will save you calories and make dieting a breeze!

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