• Casey Zander

3 tips to make FASTING EASIER

Fasting can be tough. Especially in the beginning, it is hard for people to get through the psychological aspect of not eating for up to 16+ hours. Here is my three biggest tips to help you out.

1. Stay hydrated- This is crucial because staying hydrated will add volume to your stomach making it easier to block hunger.

2. Get your caffeine in- Caffeine curves appetite, and this is crucial because the stimulant gives you better mental focus, quicker metabolism (slightly), and helps with hydration. Black coffee, or espresso is always a solid choice! Green tea or black tea unsweetened will work also. Diet soda is acceptable but the added chemicals are not good for health.

3. Get full the night before!-

If you are going to bed hungry, then fasting will be so hard the next day. Get adequate calories in always.

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