• Casey Zander

Key lifts to build a great body for both males and females.

Gain strength on these key movements. Focus on getting strong at these lifts, cut out the other stuff that you are not focusing on getting strong at.


1. Incline BARBELL bench press (not flat). Builds a great squared off chest that carries high, not saggy.

2. Vertical standing overhead press. Build insane core stability as well as delt (shoulder) strength.

3. Weighted chin up/ pull up. Focus on mastering the bodyweight pull up, and then slowly add weigh to the chain belt to build an amazing back. Only 2.5 lbs added each week.

4. Squat to build the legs and core.

5. Deadlift to build the low back and add thickness to your lats.


1. Barbell back squat. Glutes.

2. Barbell hip thrust. Glutes.

3. Romanian deadlift. Glutes and hamstrings.

4. Cable kickbacks. Hips and glutes.

5. Shoulder presses and lat pull downs. Adds tone to the upper body.

Master STRENGTH at these movements.

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