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How to incorporate more cardio into your life

Cardio is a great way to expend calories and a excellent way to keep your heart healthy! The thing that you need to remember is that high intensity cardio makes you hungry, and what it comes down to is total distance.

You will burn around the same amount of calories running 3 miles or walking 3 miles. However you will feel better and have more energy with a lower appetite if you walk it!

The first step into getting into cardio is to pick something you enjoy! This is the best way to actually stick with it. THERE IS NO POINT IN DOING WORKOUTS THAT YOU HATE! Learn to LOVE what you do. This may be running, walking, boxing, wrestling, cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading or HIIT. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

The second step is to keep it short and sweet. Going on hour long runs is a quick way to burn yourself out and hate cardio. Keep it to 20 or 30 minute sessions and ENJOY it! Shorter sessions equals better mental energy.

The third step is to just make the time. Could be before or after work, during a lunch break or whenever! It just needs to get done. Making it a priority will benefit you in the long run. Get some friends to meet up with you and do it together.

This is coming from me who has done all forms of fitness. A wrestler/runner in high school, to a weightlifter in college, to running my own programs. I have done it all.

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