• Casey Zander

Importance of a thick back.

A physique with a wide back and lats, screams dominance. A strong back is a very masculine trait that is often neglected in many workout plans. The reason you need to train your back is that it will strengthen your ENTIRE posterior chain!

This is crucial for having an impressive physique. A masculine body is looked at for traits of having wide shoulders, strong upper chest, and a back that is thick and gives the appearance of a "V" shape.

In order to train your back properly you need to pull in two directions primarily. The first direction is vertical. This include pull ups and lat pull downs and gives your frame its width.

The second direction is horizontal. Horizontal pulls are crucial for low back thickness and strong spinal erectors. This is accomplished by T-bar rows, deadlifts, and low cable rows.

Remember to hit your back hard and watch your physique blow up!

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