• Casey Zander

What to do if weight loss comes to a halt?!

Many people go through this, and I am of them as well. When people go on a cut to lose fat, they will do so well week after week and then all the sudden BOOM! NO MORE FAT LOSS.

People get discouraged. They question themselves, their training, and their diet calculations which may cause them to fall back into old habits. The body works in mysterious way and it is often smarter than the diet plan it is assigned. Let me explain...

When there is prolonged caloric restriction of calories for many weeks in a row, a fat burning hormone called leptin is slowly diminished. This combined with the fact the metabolically you have slowed down the burning process through calorie restriction equals a halt in weight loss.

Have no fear, there is hope! The answer...


This is when you take a "diet break." You will slowly over the course of 2-3 weeks bring your body back to maintenance calories, then you will go into a slight caloric surplus. Each day focus on bringing your diet 50 or so calories higher than the day before until you hit 300 calories above maintenance. You need to hold this for as long as it takes until you gain 1-2 pounds of scale weight. Do not worry because this is not fat gain, it is water weight from added glycogen (carbohydrates) in the diet.

Once you are feeling strong and have given your body a diet break, it is then time to go back into a caloric deficit and start the fat loss process all over again! Rinse and repeat!

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