• Casey Zander

5 Tips for incorporating health into your lifestyle!

Everyone wants to be fit, and it all starts by making healthy decisions. In the work or school environment things can get busy. Making better choices in the office and at home will lead to a more fit body and life! Here is my top 5

1. Switch your morning juice or frappe to black coffee. This is a simple fix that will save you 300+ calories right off the bat.

2. Swap your morning cereal or breakfast bar for an omelet. This will keep your carbs at a minimum right away to keep insulin low and help with fat loss.

3. Only do workouts that you enjoy doing! This is half the battle with exercise is that people do not enjoy what they do. Personally I love weight training but I know that it is not for everyone. If you do exercises that you enjoy you will stick to it! This may be biking or hiking or martial arts or anything that involves physical activity.

4. Cut out soda! This is a killer. You will be taking in 45+ grams of sugar and unnecessary carbs every time.

5. Get your sleep. This is huge. Less sleep has been proven to overeating. Low sleep increases appetite, this will lead to cravings and overeating.

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