• Casey Zander

How to build muscle

Progressive overload. Getting stronger at the basics. This is the most ideal way to get as much bang for your buck when it comes to gaining size and strength. Despite what people say, I believe they go hand in hand especially as a natural!

Focus on these key lifts.



standing overhead press


weighted dips

weighted pull ups

incline bench press

I don't care what set and rep scheme you pick, just get stronger at it. If you love 4 sets of 10 then stay with it. If you like heavy sets of 3 and low reps thats okay too! Just get stronger at every movement. If you can incline bench 185 for 4 sets of 10, the goal should be to just add 2.5 lbs each side each week and work it up to 2 plates! Its a rinse and repeat process for everyone.

Get a notebook and track every single lift.

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