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Partying and Fitness

Preparation. That is the key. Alcohol is a sure way to lead yourself into a caloric surplus quick if you did not prepare for it that day. Let me show you why.

Drink 1

1 sprite mixer 140 calories 40g carbs

+ 1 double shot vodka 180 calories

+ 1 Tablespoon grenadine 120 calories 35g carbs

Drink 1 = 440 calories

Drink 2

1 Coors Light

95 calories

Drink 2=95 calories

Drink 3

1 shot of Jack

90 calories

Drink 3= 90 calories

As you can see this adds up fast. For those 3 drinks we are looking at 625 calories. For most people it doesn't stop after 3 drinks either.

The golden rule to usually go by is 1 shot = 90 calories.

1 light beer typically has 100 calories.

Any craft beer or wine cooler has around 150 calories.

Dieting is all about choices. You either get to drink your calories or you get to eat them. Regardless of what you choose, you need to be hitting a caloric DEFICIT each day in order to lose weight.

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