• Casey Zander

I Fasted for 24 Hours this is the result!

I did not eat from 7pm Sunday night all the way until 7 pm Monday night. The results were amazing.

1. No feelings of intense hunger or cravings after the 16 hour mark.

2. Very low blood glucose and insulin markers,

3. Amazing mental focus and cognitive focus.

4. 3 lbs lost in a combo of fat and water glycogen.

5. Less appetite following the day after.

6. No loss in strength in the gym at all.

7. Feeling tight, lean, and powerful.

8. Reset digestive system.

Fasting is very healthy for the body and a break from food once in a while has been proven to increase growth hormone by up to 2000 percent! Combine that with the fact that you are using fat for fuel and your body turns into a lean fat burning machine. Fasting has even been shown to increase white blood cell count and a variety of other benefits.

I pushed my fast all day blocking any hunger with black coffee and green tea! this makes it super easy to stay productive and feel focused and not hungry for the entire day! Fasting for this long may sound crazy, but do your own research, and you will see why this is a hidden secret to health.

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