• Casey Zander

GUYS- CHEST TIPS- Flat bench is not your best friend !!!!

Everyone in the gym wants a great chest. Great thickness, width, strength,and separation. In order to achieve this you need to realize that flat bench press is not working in your favor in terms of cosmetics. Yes, it will always be the strong "bro lift" but it should not be the main focus. The answer is..............

Incline, Incline, INCLINE!!! The incline barbell bench press builds amazing proportions because it hits the UPPER chest and front delts so hard. Most guys typically lack upper chest development and it makes the pecs look droopy and underdeveloped. As a man you need to focus your strength progression on heavy incline presses as well as heavy vertical overhead presses either seated or standing. This is key to developing great shoulders which help proportions even more.

You do the flat bench if you want a strong flat bench. However, if your goal is body cosmetics you need to add the incline bench as your PRIMARY movement and STOP treating the incline as an ACCESSORY! Now the last step is just to get really really strong at it!

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