• Casey Zander

Tips on getting the 6 pack abs you have always wanted!

The abdominals are one of those tricky muscles that is typically not trained or maintained correctly. People often think that sit ups and crunchers are the answer, only to find themselves not happy with the results.

The best advise I can give anybody wanting a six pack is that you need to focus on making the ENTIRE body stronger, not just the abdominals. Think of it this way. Have you ever seen a person with amazing strength on movements like the squat, bench, or deadlift and not have a great core? No? Me either.

You see as the whole body gets stronger, so does the abs. Big movements like squats and deadlifts require an insane amount of core stability during the lift! If the core was not fully engaged during those movements, the spine would snap.

To grow the thickness and cuts of your abdominals you need a strong everything. Strong hips, legs, core, chest, and stabilizers. This is key to growing the muscle tissue on your stomach.

The next step is most crucial and that is DIET!

If you have visible body fat on your midsection that you can physically pinch, expect to be dieting for at least 12 weeks before you can see your abs. Your body needs to physically eat or burn all of that excess tissue day by day. Caloric restriction is needed. Drop your calories, just not your protein!

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