• Casey Zander

The Best Diet is.....

The Best diet is THE ONE THAT YOU CAN FOLLOW AND ADHERE TO! So many people flip flop diets back and forth. They always go for the new fad. High fat/low fat/high carb/low carb/Atkins/vegan/keto/paleo/Intermittent fasting. You name it, people will try it. This is why people struggle to get results. Your body will adapt to whatever you put it through, but the body LOVES CONSISTENCY! This is crucial. You need to realize that the body like to have everything predicted. This is key to getting results.

Personally my favorite type of diet is a keto based high fat, moderate protein zero carb diet. Im a believer in keeping insulin low and that is why I also do intermittent fasting with it. My hormone and blood levels are great and I feel healthy so it works for me. However, I have managed to stay very lean on a high carb based diet as well because my numbers were spot on calorically and my body was used to this for many years.

No matter what diet you are on, when it comes to fat loss or muscle gain it comes down to the numbers. Caloric deficit VS caloric surplus. Period.

The bottom picture below shows this laid out perfectly.

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