• Casey Zander

REST is BEST- You don't need to work out every day.

Rest and recovery is key to any weight loss or muscle building journey. Good news for you! You don't need to work out everyday! When a person goes to the gym with a goal of increasing muscle size, they do not actually grow new muscle tissue in the gym. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Muscle growth only occurs during rest and recovery. When the body is hammered day in and day out it takes a toll on the muscular system as well as the nervous system. This is not good. Eventually, this will lead to fatigue and overtrained muscles.

When it comes to fat loss, same principal applies. Fat loss occurs most during sleep and recovery. The body needs a break to repair hormonal function and muscles when the body is tired.

Personally, I always take a rest day every three days. I go to the gym and hit it hard for 3 days in a row usually with a leg day, a push day, and a pull day. This taxes the whole body and by day 4 I make sure I sleep well and I eat well and completely recover.

Always remember to listen to your body, when you are tired, taxed, and lacking strength, do not be afraid to give your body a day of rest. Key in on the diet during your rest day and hit it hard when your body is recovered!

Long story short, NEVER FEAR REST!

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