• Casey Zander

Mental health is just as important as physical.

I am a full believer that a strong body leads to a strong mind. They go hand in hand. When you push your body to do things that it was not capable of before, that is when the mind grows stronger. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing the limits creates a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. The confidence boost that you will achieve when you know your are strong is the best feeling in the world. Learn to love it.

Exercise is one of the best forms of stress relief. Getting blood flowing and movement to the muscles creates endorphins that are very addicting. An addicting burn, sweat, and pump that over time you will learn to thrive off of each and every day.

A perfect example of how exercise shapes a person mentally would be my brother Cole. All his life he struggled with weight. When he was in the 8th grade he was up to 202 lbs and was a shy kid with low self esteem. He did not have many friends and was very quiet. Over the course of 4 months I got him down to 160 lbs and at a height of 6 feet 2 inches, he was looking and feeling better than ever. He was happier and felt great and the attention he got showed quickly as his friend group quadrupled.

Long story short, take care of your mind! Do the activities that you love and that you enjoy. Never drop your hobbies that give you 100 percent pure pleasure. Life is short and time is limited. Make the most of everything that you have and push yourself to new levels that you didn't know was even possible.

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