• Casey Zander

What to do if you mess up on Your Diet??!

We have all been there, 8 pm rolls around and we end up eating some junk food, This is completely normal and it is important to know that it is okay to do sometimes. Will power can only be depleted so far and eventually we need to indulge. The key is knowing how to overcome that in the later days and offset the damage you did from the day prior.

The first key in offsetting damage that you have done is FASTING. A period of 16-19 hours of sustained time without food after your previous last meal from the day before is crucial. You will be hungry, and the only key in curving your appetite in the later hours of fasting is caffeine. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that will keep you feeling focused while your body feasts off the excess calories from the day before.

The second key is to not let it keep happening. DO NOT FALL OFF COMPLETELY! It's just one day it can easily be fixed to get you back on track. If you continue to indulge and binge eat though that is where the damage starts to take place. No matter how much excess cardio or weight work you do, you can not offset a bad diet. It is just not possible.

Find a diet that you enjoy to the point that it does not feel like a diet. Dial in the calories and get focused.

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