• Casey Zander

Which Protein Powder is Right for YOU?

With the rise of the health industry, there has been a surplus of products on the market. This is especially true when looking at protein powders- so you may be wondering which one is right for you. This is where I come in- I am going to teach you how to select the correct protein powder to help you reach all your goals!

1. Traditional whey- This is my favorite type because it typically consists of only 1 macronutrient (raw protein) with only trace amounts of fat or carbs. I compare it to liquid chicken breasts! People need to not look at meal powders as supplements and start looking at them as food because that is exactly what they are! Nothing more nothing less, just another way to get food in. A typical scoop usually have around 25 grams of protein with 2-3 grams of carbs and between .5-4 grams of fat. Great macros for dieting and a good way to get extra protein in. Great brands would be Gold Standard, or Iso Pure.

2. Casein- Another milk based protein like Whey. Casein is a slow release protein. You may notice a little bit more recovery with it, but what it is really going to come down to is overall protein value and caloric value. Macros are typically consistent to whey.

3. Mass gainers- These are a high calorie blend of protein carbs and fat to put someone in a easy caloric surplus if they are tying to add size. Some scoops may run up to 800 calories and should be used as a meal substitute. If you are trying to pack on weight quick these are a great tool to use. However, they will put you into a caloric surplus quick which always comes with added FAT gain. Choose wisely how you want to use them.

4. Plant based/Vegan protein- Plant based proteins are typically not complete amino acid proteins compared to whey. They also have a carb/protein blend because plants/vegetables are carbohydrates. These are a great low calorie options and a good form of meal replacement due to the protein and carb blend.

The right protein based supplements completely depends on your fitness goals. Whether you are bulking or cutting (leaning up/toning) is what determines what type of meal replacement you should be consuming.

On a side note, no powder supplements are even necessary. It is just a form of calories, a form of food. If you prefer to get your calories in through real food, that is completely okay!

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