• Casey Zander

The Standard American Diet/Food Pyramid is Completely WRONG!

Look at any food pyramid produced by the FDA. They will tell you that your main source of energy should come from the bottom group which is carbohydrates at 50-70% of your daily caloric intake. This is so wrong they should be sued!

The body needs 2 THINGS TO SURVIVE.

1. Essential Fatty Acids.

2. Essential Amino Acids (Protein).


Its no wonder why everyone in America is type 2 diabetic, has cancer, has thyroid issues, is obese, has metabolic damage, or can't lose weight. These peoples insulin levels is off the charts! This is the reason that there is so many medical issue that wasn't around 50 years ago. The added sugars and processed carbs that dietitians are advising everyone to take in is asinine.

People, if you want to get in shape, and you want to ditch the pharmaceuticals and get your health back then you need to do two things.

The 1st, take the food pyramid, and flip it upside down. Make fats the backbone of your calories. YES FAT! Animal fat, bacon, beef, avocado, cheese, oils, coconut and olive oil, nuts, butter, peanut butter/almond butter, cream cheese, fish, and eggs!

The 2nd, cut out all carbs and replace them for vegetables! The fat from your above sources has adequate amounts of protein in it to help you from day to day. The vegetables are very low glycemic, with no sugar making insulin levels great. This will also help you make sure that you are getting in the right amount of fiber.

I know it is hard, but you can not buy your health. Stop with the supplements, the detoxes, and the "natural remedies" to eliminate fat. Instead focus on quality meals and NEVER LISTEN TO YOUR DIETICiAN OR FDA GUIDELINES! They are designed to make you fail. Fail in such a way that you are dependent on the medical industries for the rest of your life.

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