• Casey Zander

Breakfast is a SCAM

Kellogs, Kraft, Quaker, Post, General Mills, ect. These are BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRIES! Of course they are going to tell you that their simple sugar carbohydrate "whole grain" (whatever that means) breakfasts and cereals are good for you. They use catch phrases like "the most important meal of the day" or "helps with a healthy heart". Give me a break.

This is a absolute marketing scam at its best. There is no true research data showing increased mental focus, in fact we are seeing the exact opposite. Big carb heavy meals make you tired and sluggish (think thanksgiving). Being in a fasted state is so much healthier throughout the morning and makes dieting so much easier.

Growth hormone and testosterone is elevated in the morning for males and females which helps mobilize fat as fuel. Think, if you replaced breakfast with just a zero calorie black coffee you would save yourself between 300-600 calories right off the bat to start the day. This will make dieting much easier. Plus there is often calories and nutrients in the body from the night before that the body can feast on. Try to use fat as fuel at all times.

Not to mention, these breakfasts are often carb based which SPIKES YOUR INSULIN. This is the exact opposite of what you want when you are dieting, Insulin grows fat cells. When it comes to cholesterol, new research is showing that it is the carbohydrates responsible for diabetes and heart disease NOT FAT!!! These multi billion dollar industries that have ties with the FDA will tell you opposite of what is true to make a buck. The FDA and Gov't makes money off sick unhealthy people. Not healthy people. When it comes to "what everyone else is doing" typically that should tell you something.

Breakfast literally means to "break your fast". When you are fasted you are using fat as fuel, so by skipping the first meal of the day, you are mobilizing fat for many more hours. This is how I have stayed so lean for 4 years consecutively. My blood markers are better than 90% of the population and I truly feel its because my insulin levels are always so low. I focus on consuming HIGH FAT MEALS. Not high carb. Try it out! comment below what you think.

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