• Casey Zander

How to Diet While Eating Out

A very close friend asked me a question today on how to stay on a meal prep type diet while still going out to eat. This is a issue that many people run into day to day. Eating out and socializing is part of life and people need to have balance to stay sane! I completely understand and have been there before.

The key is always order simplistically and stick to foods that are east to track such as steak, chicken, turkey, or fish for your main portion. When it comes to sides also stay as simple as possible with whole foods like baked potatoes, side salads, mixed veggies, and brown rice.

The problem with eating out is excess carbohydrates as well as fat laden sides. With sugar filled mixed drinks and bread and other rolls that come before the meal can often run you over 600 calories before your meal even comes out. Always stick to water or a zero calorie beverage when you eat out. Also, skip the appetizers. They are often deep fried or have fat based sauces such as heavy whipping cream, combined with cheeses and oils (example would be artichoke or buffalo dip and alfredo sauce).

In short, stick to meats and vegetables as your main source of calories for your dining meal. If you have carbs with it make them complex and wholesome. Myfitness Pal makes it a slightly easier to eat out if your food is tracked, but even then they are still estimating numbers.

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