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Cosmetics and Health Do NOT Go Hand in Hand!

This is a topic that is hard to describe on my end but I will do my best to get my point across. Take this for an example, You see a guy on the beach who is 6 feet tall, 180LBS. and looks very fit. Six pack abs, hardly any fat on his body, and looks like he is very healthy and in great physical shape. While it is true that cosmetically he looks healthy, on the inside he may be very sick but no one notices.


You see, this man is lean, which despite what people think, it is actually very easy. It takes caloric restriction. Thats it. So this man can eat all the junk in the world such as fast food, candy, processed carbs, alcohol, and soda pop. This is true with anybody, fat loss is just caloric restriction despite what those calories consist of.


On the outside this man look healthy and fit as a horse! On the inside, nobody sees that he is insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, cholesterol levels off the charts, and elevated blood glucose and insulin levels 24/7. This is code 101 for cancer and disease. This man has no idea though, and nobody around him would ever imagine this either!


This is why diet is so important and humans need to prioritize what goes into the body food wise, v.s. how much they exercise! This is also why 1 in 2 men get caner and 1 in 3 women also do. There is way to much processed carbs going into everyones body! Start prioritizing healthy fats such as nuts, avocado, coconut oil, eggs, and even animal meats and fats in your diet instead of processed carbs like cereal, yogurt, granola, grab and go bars, and fruits!

I want people to be aware that health is a whole body thing and not just cosmetics! Message me if you have any questions.

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