• Casey Zander

If you aren't hungry, don't eat!

If you are a person struggling to lose weight and want to burn fat, the answer is simple. It takes caloric restriction. People often are eating during the day when they have no reason to. They feel that breakfast, lunch and dinner is a absolute necessity because your body "needs" those meals. I am hear to tell you that that is false. A "snack" or a "meal" is the same thing your body does not know better, it just knows that calories are calories and it digests them as needed.


I have seen people eat 400+ calorie snacks that provide no nutritional value or filling and proceed to eat lunch one hour later that is only half the calories of their "snack" and they wonder why they can't lose weight.


People graze eat and often times it can be 1000+ added calories throughout the day of stuff that doesn't fill them up and they are not hungry in the first place, they just want a taste in their mouth. People eat snacks because they think that they are necessary and everyone eats snack so it becomes part of life.


To lose weight things like that cant happen. If you are not hungry in the morning skip breakfast. If you eat breakfast but are not hungry at lunch skip the lunch and save your calories for supper. Listening to the body is important and if you are not hungry and are trying to lose fat DO NOT EAT. Let your body feast of excess fat for fuel. Less grazing, more calculated eating! Live by this rule and watch your blood glucose levels, cholesterol, and scale weight all drop slowly but surly.


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