• Casey Zander

"I don't have TIME to work out"

This is the most frequently said thing about fitness and my answer is simple. You have an hour a day no matter what! Let me show you why.


1. Wake up 1 hour earlier

2. Go to sleep 1 hour later.

3. Skip the nap.

4. No house of cards show that night.

5. No game of thrones that night.

6. Stop lounging.

7. Cut back on internet surfing.

8. No Happy hour with the crew that night.

9. Get it done right after work.

10. Make it a PRIORITY !!!!


Everyone has time. Down time comes at all parts of the day. The goal is to learn how to actually manage that time that you have. The average social media screen time for each person is over 3 hours per day. Priorities in life need to come first. Your health should not fall low on that list.

My video link below on how to structure time to work out.

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