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THE 5 best Health Foods

There are multiple ways to lose fat or gain muscle with so many food options but for quick easy prep meals to help you stay on track with your macros I would suggest these 5 as staple items in your refrigerator.


1. Eggs- Eggs will always be a staple in the health/fitness world. With zero carbs and a perfect balance of fat and protein they are great for muscle repair and hormonal function. At only 70 calories per egg, they are very easy to fit into all diets and is an easy way to add volume your food if you are on a diet!

2. Whey protein- I feel that protein powder is essential to building your body. The reason for this is because I do not consider protein powder as a supplement. Instead I consider it to be food! One Scoop typically has 25g of protein which makes it a great substitute for on the go meal replacements. Think of whey protein as "liquid chicken breast" essentially the same thing!

3. Nuts- I feel that all nuts such as almonds, peanut, walnuts, cashews ect are very beneficial. These are also a low carb food like eggs that keep insulin spikes low and help keep hormonal function healthy because of the healthy fat content! Be careful because nuts are very calorically dense so if you are dieting be sure to watch the serving size very close.

4. Meat- Meat in general is crucial because protein intake in very essential to the fat loss process as well as being strong and maintaining as much lean body mass as possible regardless if you are trying to gain weight or lose fat!

5. Whole oats- Whole oats is a great complex carb because it is minimally processed and provides good volume to your food with relatively low caloric value. Also with high fiber value it helps with digestion and absorption of other nutrients.


No matter what foods you pick for your diet always try to keep it as minimally processed as possible, whole food sources are always the way to go.

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