• Casey Zander

Do you really want it?

Grind. Hustle. Work. Consistency. Strong. Resilient. These are words often throw around by everyone when they first start fitness, but for most people it slowly fades away and they do not return to it.


I often ask myself why this happens but can never come up with a solid conclusion, until one day it hit me. Nobody realizes that in order for fitness to truly pay off it needs to be a lifestyle, not something short term.


When you first start, you may not notice any big changes in the first month, or two, or three, or even 6 months down the road. This however is all normal, changing the human body takes time, and looking the way you want to look is very low on your bodies priority list of things to do.


They body just wants to survive not change. The biggest determining factor of body change is consistency. DO NOT SKIP A WORKOUT. I have not missed a workout in 3 years, no matter the circumstance.


I have been sicker than a dog and still hit front squats that day just to get in my leg day. No matter the instance, sick, tired, bad mood, "no time", traveling, vacation, you name it. I get it done.


This is exactly what it takes. I by no means am genetically gifted but I put in the real WORK. SO, my advise to you is ask yourself "How bad do I really want this"? This applies to anything like fitness, work, school, business you name it. It is a mindset.


Can you go 730 days (2 years) without ever missing a session. If the answer is yes than you are on the right path towards success. Now you just need to make patience your best friend. It will come.

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