• Casey Zander

Truth about FAT BURNERS

THEY DO NOT WORK. End of post..... Just kidding, in reality though, people need to know why this is marketing scam. Fat burners are typically a blend of stimulants to give you energy and "speed up your metabolism" similar to an energy drink. People will buy anything and supplement marketing companies know this. People think that these pills are actually burning their fat away, when in reality the metabolic effects that you get from a fat-burner are virtually non-existent. It might ding your metabolism a whole 1% if you are lucky and take enough of them.


The KEY is diet. Plane and simple, there is no easy way around it. You can not buy your health. If you have 20lbs to lose, you need to calculate what that will take. 3500 calories in 1LB of Fat. 3500x20=70,000 additional calories that need to be burned. Than divide that up over 12-25 weeks to predict how long it will take you and thats about all you can do. It takes TIME, PATIENCE, AND ENERGY. Learn the ins and outs of being in a caloric deficit, or save your money that you would have spent on beer, bar tabs, supplements, and hire a COACH!

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