• Casey Zander

Women Are Being Mislead.

With constant instantaneous information at the touch of a persons fingertips definitely has its pros as well as its cons.


The amount of false information I see being marketed specifically towards women in the fitness industry is alarming. To list off just a few examples it starts with the supplement companies. There is skinny fit tea, detox tea, fat burners, squeeze yourself thin lemon detoxes (whatever that means), no carb diets, low carb diets, Atkins diet, high carb diets, no fat diets, high fat diets, Weight Watchers diet, and the Nutri-system diet. In reality it DOES NOT MATTER what diet you choose.


This is absolutely crazy there is no specific diet or tea for that matter that can make losing fat any easier. It comes down to energy balance and being in a caloric deficit. If a person can learn what their maintenance calories are, that is half the battle. Never fall victim to marketing scams promising weight loss. There is no magic shakes or supplements.


You need to learn how to track macros and calories, and that is the ONLY way to alter body composition. Having a macro coach like myself makes that process a whole lot easier.


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