Men today are at war. Almost going through a total hell. Not only has the dating and relationship game totally changed, but modern men are reflected as bumbling idiots in modern society. As they fall victim to porn, masturbation, and lackluster game in actually attracting the level of women they want, we now have a generation of men submissive to a woman's frame.

This is why I created HEADMAN to help men be and stay empowered. To master the male to female dynamics that their fathers never taught them. To keep their marriages and family stable, all while mastering their masculinity to command the sex life they have always desired but never knew how to achieve. You see, women don't pull back from men doing everything right. Just men doing everything wrong. Which is why HEADMAN is here to help.

Masculinity is not only of the mind, but it is of the body. This is why I have made it my mission to help re-create what is means to be a man in a global sexual market place where women have abundance of options. It is time men step up and reclaim the authority that was once had but is now lost, and we do this brick by brick, day by day.